2. Client Helper Libraries and Configuration

The FilteredPush libraries for php clients can be checked out from the sourceforge svn:

$ svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/filteredpush/svn/trunk/FP-PHP-Library FP-PHP-Library

Clients must be configured (via edits to fp/FPConfig.php) to use the network components. Edit this file and set the X509_CERTIFICATE, PRIVATE_KEY and NETWORK_FACADE properties.

X509_CERTIFICATE should be set to the file path of the certificate (pem file) containing the public key for the client and PRIVATE_KEY should be set to the file path of the pem file containing the client's private key. Set the NETWORK_FACADE property to either FPLiteFacade (for FP-Lite deployments) or FPMediumFacade (for FP-Medium deployments).

The rest of the defaults should work with the default single-node deployment of FilteredPush. A summary of all the configuration options can be found below:

Once configured, we can deploy the fp directory containing the config and the libraries in FP-PHP-Library/fp to /usr/share/php. Clients (such as Symbiota and Morphbank) will use these libraries when interacting with both FP-Medium and FP-Lite

$ cp -r FP-PHP-Library/fp /usr/share/php